Sunday, September 27, 2009

Road Status Sunday afternoon 9/27/2009

Needed to check on Big Dalton this afternoon after ferreting out two sheepish teenagers this morning from smoking a joint or two. Some how the large signs about Extreme Fire Danger just didn't sink in. I hiked a bit around the trail and didn't find anything smoldering. Headed up to the gate and chatted with a new young blonde guard with a faint Eastern European accent. I decided the question of when will the forest be open is less important and less tangible for any of them to answer. So I am now asking if there be a guard here Monday and Tuesday. The answer was yes. She will have the Tuesday duty.

So with that in mind the road will be closed Monday and Tuesday based on the guard schedules.


yeahian said...

I like the blog I will say first off. I cannot believe how long GMT has been closed or how they have spent close to 90 million on this and they still have not opened the road. Sadly I bet about 10% of that 90 million went to fighting the fire the rest to mismanagement, contracts going to friends or ... with generous kickbacks etc. Otherwise how could this road not be open yet. Let us go up there and clear the road. Us longnboarders are always sweeping the road as it is. I'm sure bikers and boarders could get together and get the road cleared with a few k. Maybe with 0 money.
Any shot aboout asking them if they were scheduled till next week or longer?

anonymous said...

thank you for keeping us updated on this

the dixon said...

dude so when is GMR going to be open!!! i want to drive and go there so bad..