Friday, September 11, 2009

Road Status

Friday morning. The portable sign blared the message "Glendora Mountain Road Closed Due To Fire". Not only was the road closed, the forest was closed to all non-essential personnel. While the Morris Fire has been contained, the neighboring Station Fire has slowly come under some bit of control.

Spoke with a US Forest Service personnel on Wednesday evening at the gate. He estimated at the road being opened within a week or so. This was better than the official statement of "indefinitely closed" given over the phone.

The Morris Fire jumped GMR burning vegetation up the hillside. Without this vegetation rocks tumbled down and littered the road daily. Berms and guard rails must also be rebuilt and replaced. The public works crew worked unencumbered with the road closed.

Saturday I will ride intervals up to the gate and back down. I will go out early to get status as of Saturday morning.


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