Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Race Across the Sky

Leadville, a tiny city cradled at the top of the Colorado Rockies tests the dedication of avid cyclists who converge in August to tempt fate and the mountain. At a lofty 10,152 feet in elevation the air is thin and the 14,000' ascent of raw earth even more challenging. With places like Sugarloaf, Pipeline, Twin Lakes Dam and Columbine Mine the picturesque Leadville 100 Mountain Bike Trail is an awe inspiring race.

I visited the race in August 2007 to watch a celebrity cyclist, Floyd Landis ride. The perseverance of folks who achieve a goal where only 65% succeed spoke of their endurance both mental and physical. After the Sunday ceremony, infused with the passion and determination of regular people who love to ride bikes I have been working my own way up the local mountain.

Having seen only a small section of the course, I have the opportunity to see all of the Race Across the Sky on October 22. The celebrity match up is Dave Wiens, six time winner of Leadville and Lance Armstrong seven time winner of the Tour de France. Check out the trailer and a theater near you!

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