Friday, October 2, 2009

Road Status Friday 10/2/2009


US Forest Service confirms the road is open. The gate is open and is no longer blocking access. The Forest Closure sign has been removed. No guards are posted. The Department of Public Works Road closure website still has it listed as closed as well as the permanent electronic sign flashing its message. Glendora Ridge Road is also open.

The road from mile marker 14.00 to 9.45 has some large patches of dust like sand. As vehicles travel through the silt, dust clouds shroud the visibility. Beyond mile marker 9.06 in the dead zone, rocks are free to fall from the hillside since the vegetation no longer keeps them bound.

Please be considerate of others on the road. Particularly the one wearing the red bandana.


Hillbasher said...

Yeee haaa, it open. Get the bikes out and the helmets on, time to ride.

Martin said...

Awesome. Now you are gonna have to sand the rust off your legs so you can get up that hill. Hope to see you out there soon.

Marty RBC

GMR said...

I have been in secret training with cleats taking advantage of shorter rides or "putzs" around the block.

Today was my first time with cleats on the new carbon bike. I really enjoyed the ride to the shed!

It was perfect weather!

See you soon Marty!


Kelly said...

Hi Annette, Kelly from Claremont here. Haven't seen you with cleats as yet but loved hearing about your assault on Baldy Village BRAVO! I'm on a blue Madone now and I will be watching for the red bandana. Have a great week

GMR said...

It will be good to see everyone of you -- Hillbasher, Martin and Kelly! We need to enjoy the road now as the weather is still enjoyable!