Sunday, October 18, 2009

Fluctuations of weather this week from a bone chilling cloud covered ride on Monday evening, to the drizzling dampness of "no ride" Wednesday to the oven temperatures of the Saturday ride challenged the body to keep up. I survived. Barely.

Looking across to highway 39, the stark contrast between the browned burned area and the green area of the forest was delineated by the fire break along the edge. The island of the San Gabriel Reservoir low with water stood out amongst the brackish green water. The right foreground hillside also burnt.

Jason brought a fresh perspective to the ride, his first up GMR since the fire. Bill and Matt filled out the contingency. The heat hit everyone hard and the water bottles were quickly emptied. On the way back from Fork Plus 2, we met Edith, Martin, Alan and Jim from Riverside Bicycle Club. Chris, Alex and Mike also stopped in the shade.

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