Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday night ride. This was the last Monday before the time change.

Met Zack! Nice guy.

Good time tonight. 30:00

Late update: In a large dirt turnout about mile maker 10.2, two vehicles and a sheriffs van were stopped. The jeep's front wheels straddled the berm, but not endanger of rolling over the side. The other auto centered in the middle of the turnout. The sheriff sat busily writing notes or tickets in his van. Two blond teenaged females looked very distressed were talking on their cell phones. I hurried past. On my way down, another van driven by a pissed off mom, had joined this morality play. Unfortunately I got ahead of "POM". She had never driven the mountain and didn't realize when she should move around me. With the light waning, I realized I should have stopped and made her pass me. It was a rare event to ride down with an auto on my tail with three distressed people.

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