Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Ride

Skateboarders careened down the road, the first time (I saw them) since the road opened October 1st. They have a unique stopping style that surprised me as they crossed into my lane.

Rick from Pasadena caught me in the midst of my time trial. It was good to have him pace me to the second saddle. We slowed and dodged around the maintenance vehicles as Public Works crews carved out various portion of the mountain. A rare site for a Saturday. Large trucks, scoops and water tankers slowed traffic. Preparation for the next rain continued along burned and non-burned hillside.

Met Oscar another first since early August, Juan and Willie. Talk included bear and coyote encounters, along with the upcoming Tour de Foothills on November 14th.

Another great day of weather the sun was warm and pleasant after a chilly beginning. I rode to fork plus 4.5 getting that extra uphill climb. Spotted Mount Wilson and could make out Station Fire damage some twenty miles away. All in all, a good ride with good friends always a nice Halloween treat.


yeahian said...

We've been back longboarding since the first Saturday it was open. I didn't get to go till the first Sunday. Hope your well.

GMR said...


I am a Saturday regular on the road. Good to know you are enjoying the pavement!