Saturday, October 24, 2009

It was a perfect day for a ride. Warming from 54F to 91F. Clear skies. Light breeze.

Rick from Pasadena paced me to the first saddle. Traffic was light. lighter than Monday night! Rick a triathlete had tales to tell of ocean swims, running and cycling. Pools have painted black lines to keep you in your lane, in the ocean that black line was wiggling and hungry! From the first saddle I road back to check on Bill.

Beyond the first saddle, mechanical gouges clawed the cliff, leaving the road heaped with scrapped hillside in the turnouts. Preparation for the eventual rains. The pavement relatively free of dirt and rocks still had sandy patches.

Velo Viet Cycling Association commanded presence on the road. Adobe Velo was out in full force. As well as a group of Redlands riders, with their Breathless Agony kits. Remax and my favorite a Caltech jersey. Riders spurred on by my camera sprinted for the photo finish!

The gentle weather egged me on, luring me to ride farther for scenery I haven't enjoyed in months. I rode to the "Point of No Return" or Fork plus four miles. Enjoying the lack of time, speed or distance constraints, I stopped frequently for pictures.

A good day for a ride indeed.

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