Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best Laid Plans

... of mice and men. Didn't ride SR 39 to Angeles Crest. Ranger Bob at the Gate said "Road is closed. I can't stop you but you will receive a ticket."

There were a crowd of US Forest Service personnel. One group had already been let through. They were waiting for a bus load of Boy Scouts.

They were actively working on the road today, Saturday. They would like to open the road for Memorial Day Weekend to Coldbrook Camp. There are corporate donations for project completion. The next goal is to open it to Crystal Lake by July 4th.


TJKnight said...

Odd... three weeks ago, the ranger held open the gate for my group of cyclists.

TJKnight said...

Odd... three weeks ago, the ranger held the gate open for my cycling group.

Ron G said...

There are signs posted at the gate and at Hwy 2 that no one is allowed on the road including bicyclists. The rangers and workers don't seem to mind but a Sheriff or Hwy Patrol could site you if they so choose. I am thinking of changing my ride from the West Fork Gate and instead starting in Wrightwood and going to Dawson Saddle. It's only 14 miles and a couple thousand feet of elevation change. Anyone do this section? Have any comments or know where is the best place to park in Wrightwood? Is the road going to be closed? Should I worry about all the traffic on that day or is most of it heading back down towards Pasadena? Thanks! Ron--

GMR said...


What time would you leave for Wrightwood? How long is the drive etc?