Monday, May 24, 2010

Stage 6 and 7 Photos

UPDATED. New links for Stage 6, and SC Velo at Stage 6.

Here are the best of the seven hundred photos Bill and I took at Stage 7 of the Tour of California . We were up close and personal at the end of the race.

It was good to get back to "the road" and meet in person on-line friends.

John, Ian, Eric and I chatted about other great adventures, SR39 and Chantry Flats, new skid marks and battered trash cans, broken berms and fast downhills. We agreed life is good on the road.


Kiki said...

Thanks for taking my picture for me at the top of Dawson Saddle! What a fun place to spectate the tour!!

yep said...

IT was great to finally meet you. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later.What a fun day that turned out to be. Only one small wipeout (glad it wasn't me) and close to 30 miles of downhill.Anyways its 5:30 am GMR is calling. See you again soon!
the one in the middle