Tuesday, May 4, 2010

KTLA News on GMR

Talked to a cameraman for the Channel 5 News (KTLA). Chip Yost aired a story on racing on GMR. The teaser of thirty seconds was shown on the six o'clock news. I expect a bit more on the ten o'clock news.

The teaser was enough to recognize the tale of woe from the San Gabriel Valley Tribune. One young man who drove a Nissan GT-R recklessly on the mountain, crashed into wall while missing the turn. Lucky for him he didn't go over the side. His next misstep was he claimed his sister drove the car when the accident happened on the 60 freeway to the insurance company. The insurance company caught wind of a youtube video showing his car crashing on a downhill race on the mountain. He tried to back out of the repair request, unfortunately he now has six counts of fraud lodged against him.

If the SGV article isn't found try this one. Archived forum

The cameraman didn't give away any details of the story. He certainly picked my interest. I thought this might be a fresh look at the road. In this instance the print media is ahead of the game. Drive safe. Ride safe.

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Racing? Hmmmm SDSR 2010 good, cars and motorcycle racing bad!