Sunday, September 19, 2010

Man Down

Brian rode out of Baldy Village with Ray Clone on Friday evening. Descending Glendora Ridge Road at mile marker six his tire flatted. He slide into the wall and broke his spine in two places T2 and T11. Photo courtesy of Ray Clone. Brian - recover quickly. Your presence is missed.

Ray Clones Website

Brain Saturday June 5, 2010 on Glendora Mountain Road.

Brian Wednesday evening April 14, 2010.

Other "solo" incidents on GMR include a rider who descended and broke their pelvic bone on a slippery leaf at the bottom of Monroe, another rider broke their collar bone when their pedal bolt failed. Still another suffered a chipped shoulder bone when he wiped out on the fire truck turn.

Ride safe.

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Hillbasher said...

Sorry to hear about this. I hope the recovery is quick.