Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Saturday and Monday


Mike. Wayne. An assist with my versatile tool with a chain splitter.

Steve. The Valley at GRR 4.0.
Skid Marks at GRR 3.74 made by a vehicle on course for "OTS" status.
Personnel. Helicopter. Crew.
Car over the side. Wider view of Car over the side.
Mr. Beanz. Mr. Beanz and Gina.


Wednesday Morning.

Road conditions! Wet. Rain this morning. I have put off the ride to this afternoon. Hopefully the sun will come out and dry things out.

Wednesday Afternoon.

Road conditions. Dry. Cloudy overhead. Cold. The road was damp looking but not moist from second saddle up. It was 61 F on the way down. It was cold. Base layer. Leg Warmers. Jacket.

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Martin said...

Hi Annette,
Missed you Monday. 4 of us from RBC went up the road early Monday morning. On the way down East Fork we saw all the emergency vehicles coming up the hill. Thanks for showing us why.
We continued on to Crystal Lake from there. It sure was hot going up 39. Thank goodness nature provided a drinking fountain in the rocks part way up.