Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thunder, Lightening and Fire

What a difference a day makes. Monday, bright sun, dry arid winds and 116F temperatures. Wednesday dark thunder head clouds, light cool wind and streaks of lightening plummeting to the ground. Matt reported heavy rain at Coyote Corner. We stuck to a section of road that had fewer clouds overhead. Watched six US Forest Fire Fighting Trucks tear up the road sirens at full bore.

Ron was the man on the scene and caught the two air water drops: Water Drop 1 and Water Drop 2. On his descent past Newman's showed several vehicles parked and watching the show. The lightening during the storm was both the bolt down streaks and a white diffused flashes. Ron can see lightening in this video, but I need a few more viewings before I agree. Lightening.

Rode intervals on a lower section of the road. Kept dry. Stayed "unburnt". I like clouds when they don't rain on my ride.

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Hillbasher said...

Rode Thursday with Mr Beanz about 10 AM. By the time we made the shack (after numerous stops to talk with others) it was very cloudy coming over the ridge of higher peaks. Where as the rain never fell on our ride, the wind and huge thunder heads made for a great(as usual) ride.