Thursday, November 4, 2010

Everyone was out for a ride

Hillbasher Wednesday Ride Report:

Mr Beanz and I rode out to Peacock Saddle on Wednesday. Started early enough to beat the heat on the way up, was actually quite nice up on GRR.We were sitting at the saddle when Matt rode up on his way back from the village. He stopped and talked for a while then the three of us all headed back down.By the time we hit the bottom it was quite hot. Not feeling like calling it a day, I headed over to San Dimas Canyon and went up and over Golden Hills. May have been a mistake, as the heat started getting to me just as I was finishing the ride. Great day all around.

Bill's Ride Report:

No rain and no contractors today, so of course I went for a ride. I flipped a coin between GMR and the Lake - the Lake won. It was the new Madone's first trip to the lake.

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