Friday, November 26, 2010

Tru Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving morning was clear and cool in the mid thirtys, a bit brisk for this southern California biker. Got out for ride around 8:40 am and the sun had warmed the air nicely. I was a bit surprised at the amount of traffic parked north of the ranger station. A lot of "gravity guys" van pooled up to the top and careened down the Monroe Truck Trail 3-4 times on their mountain bikes through out the morning.

It was relatively quiet. Everyone who was out were happy to pre-burn their Thanksgiving dinners. For me the sun baked in happiness on my solo ride to the shed.

Met Alicia and her crew. They won the most distinctive cycling gear award for their eye catching socks. Their sag support driver reminds of the Fonze from Happy Days. Their smart plan was to ride to the ski lifts then drive home. Burn the most calories and make smart time to turkey dinner.

Then Tru Cycling showed up. Trust. Respect. Unity. Their club formed six years ago. They really enjoyed their ride. One fellow had an interesting tale of a top ten Irvine Criterium unfortunately he never saw the finish line and woke up in the hospital.

Ray was cold from his ride down from Baldy to the shed. He stopped along his descent on GRR to warm up. Matt, Ray and I headed down the hill. Near Sierra Madre met Ron and his wife Dixie on their tandem. I enjoyed meeting the woman in charge.

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Mr. Beanz said...

Wow! Lots of riders on T-Day. Don't think I've ever seen the dirt lot that full. Wish I could have done it but we had an out of town dinner that didn't allow timewise.:(