Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blazin Saddles

Heat. Sizzle. Blistering. The idea was to beat the heat. I thought I did well leaving the house at 6:45 am. However the really smart folks were already breezing their way to the cooling bliss of couchness. When the wind blew it was an oven door opening and releasing a hot blast of air on the body.

It was a late night and early morning of work for me. The goal for the day was to stay upright and awake. No timings. No distances. Just relax and pedal and enjoy what I could see. There were a few folks on the road and the motorcyclists kicked in their laps early in the day as well.

Straighten the back and tuck in the core muscles. Going slow is good to concentrate on proper form. Today I added look up at the scenery and soak it in. I had enough sweat to be in a soak. I did see a small brown bunny with a white tuft of a tail hiding under the dry brush that overhangs the road. Just a handful.

My lazy ride up the road kicked up a notch when the rider behind shouted car! I decided to give that rider a "run" for their money. I increased my tempo and was joined by a rider sporting a red "Toyota" kit. This was Terry's second ride up GMR. Pretty awesome ride for second time around. He motivated my muscles into a higher pace and we chatted. He poured on the speed headed to Baldy Village as we arrived at the shed. I found a tiny bit of shade. Then I noticed a plaintive cry from the hillside. It sounded like a throaty complaint of pain or sorrow. It was loud and distinct. I had never heard a noise like that. A hunter I met at the top of monroe identified the source of the sound confirmed by three other hunters: cat. mountain lion. The link is a good representation of what I heard. Be on the alert.

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