Saturday, August 20, 2011

This is summer?

Bill and I rolled out of the driveway by 8:05 am. The sky was grey and down right shivery. Bicycle Friends was nearly done riding the Baldy Village Loop. The muscles in my legs and brain were barely warmed up. The morning fog must have impacted many other decisions as it was down right lonesome on the road today.

Not a strong ride, but good enough. As the grey plays on the minds of the muscles. Go slower, no need to rush, enjoy the chilliness. I made it out of the clouds before Newman's to a warm summer sun. Stopped for a picture when Matt caught up with me. Matt kept the pace aggressive and I needed to turn to. No more lolly gagging up the hill.

Met Leo and Mike at the shed. Leo is quite the hiker and has ascended Iron Mountain with a short side trip along the Mt San Antonio Trail. Sonny arrived and had 20 miles under his legs. Bill also made it to the shed with strength to spare.

Matt and I continued on to the Experimental Forest Sign (fork plus 2.4). He turned around and I went on. I chugged up the reward climb to 8.3. Enjoyed the scenery and scooted down the mountain. On the climb up to fork plus four (aka the point of no return). Mike blasts past me with Leo close on his heels. Inspiration to follow suit renewed my spirit with a burst of energy from the legs that got me up the hill sooner. Thanks Mike and Leo! Rode on without much of anyone on the road. That climb up out the fork to the top of monroe always kicks butt. Met up with Jason who is practing for the Death Valley Stage Race in Bishop.

Caught up with Leo and Mike below Newman's. They were changing a tube. I thanked them for arriving at just the right time to help me up the hill.

Pleased with my legs. Pleased with the distance.


BicycleFriends said...

Fork plus 8.29 is a good place. I am always happy to see Fork plus 8.29.

You need to get out earlier so I can see you!

Administrator said...

It's me, Leo! Good to meet you on our Saturday ride. After fixing our flat we rode back down to Glendora, then to San Dimas and around Puddingstone Lake. Made it an 80 mile day. Part of our training for the Ride of the Immortals this next weekend. Hope to see you out there again! It's always great to run into happy riders like you.