Saturday, August 13, 2011

Legs felt strong

My legs felt strong today. Started off with Bill then pushed on at the electronic sign. The grey marine layer dwindled quickly from sight. I would tag along with riders who passed. Kicked it up a notch. The road felt good. I have a theory to entice the non-mountain folks to ride GMR. Here's my pitch, Glendora Mountain Road is basically flat with a slope. Not really a mountain at all. Do you think they will nibble?

Quiet ride for a Saturday morning. Found Group Beanz enjoying a bit of shade. Mr. Beanz had a leak in his tube. He didn't find the problem in the tire. Patched the tube and off we went. The miles move faster when you have someone to chat with. We talked of speed and camaraderie. We agreed that friendship means taking turns pulling. We found Gina enjoying the scenery at Fork plus Four. I needed a longer ride to the apex of 8.3. I noticed two Forest Service trucks speeding down the mountain. Then a helicopter flying back over the Village. Loma Linda? or Pomona Hospital. Bill had the scoop as two motorcycles collided head on.

Aimee, Beanz, Gina, Alyce, Herb, Will, Daniel, Scott, Mark, Dude, Curtis, Dick, Marty.


Hillbasher said...

As far as the motorcycle incident goes, the pics make it sort of obvious what happened and who was in what lane. Too much available speed and horsepower gets one drunk with visions of being a racer when they are not.

Bicycle Friends said...

I hope those motorcyclist are okay. Or at least as OKAY as they can be given the crash.

Mr. Beanz said...

Nice to ride with you again GMR! I swear every time I ride with you, I end up toasted ha ha!

GMR said...

Hillbasher - Do you think the "up" bike was cutting the corner tight or the "down" bike was thrown across the line.

BF - I rarely here what happens.

Beanz - You were out in front the entire time! You are such a kidder.