Saturday, April 7, 2012

Its 50. Its 80. Its 50. Its 80. The weather has been all out good or all around blah. From the cold grey cover of clouds that spat on me last week with visibility at five feet to the warmth and greatness of today. Last Saturday the going was hampered both up and down as well as mentally and physically. Featured below is the berm near the Experimental Forest Sign on GRR mile marker 2.45. Shivers!
To the wonderful weather on Monday evening April 2, 2012. Yes I rode on a Monday! Yipee!
With the picture perfect day, the scenery fresh and brilliant after a six month hiatus. It was a good time to be riding. Met Christina at the first saddle and rode til she met up with her crew. They had an awesome sag support for their ride as they offered me goodies as I pedaled solo. Thank you for your kindness! Met John a friend and cohort of Matt. No dallying for me today. Short stop at the shed and back in saddle. I figured Matt and John would catch up with me.
I rode on Glendora Ridge Road past mile marker 6.20 ("Fork plus 6.3") to the bend where there are burnt out trees still standing. The trip odometer rolled over to 17.0 miles. Perfect. Today's total 34 miles. It was the gloriously great day, warm weather and willing legs.
The wall at Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 6.0 looked worse for wear.
The view of Mt Baldy at Fork plus Six.
The west side of Little Dalton Canyon is colored with purple grey flowers on the oak trees in bloom.
The view approaching Fork plus Six.
Matt and John are checking out the non-existant restraining wall.
View the valley.
Glendora Ridge Road looking back at the road (Fork plus Four) on the most outer right. Bill rescued a pair of cyclists with his new tire pump.

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