Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Hike

A rare hike along the ridge trail. The view shows the road winding to the left with "the" Glendora Mountain looking dark and green in the center. Newman's point is the farthest point on the left.

The snow on the hills and the clear blue sky to the north made for outstanding scenery.

The view to the west towards Azusa. The rains of the past week have the hills alive with green. This is the best time of the year.

The sweeping grandeur of the mountains took my breath away. Baldy is in the center.

It is a rare occasion that I find myself driving on Glendora Mountain Road. Normally I am pushing pedals and burning calories not hydrocarbons to fuel my altitude change. I started driving up the mountain with a gas gauge hovering above the empty line. I thought I had enough to go the four miles up the road to the first saddle. I must admit the road feels different in a car. The lane feels narrower and the curvature of the pavement had a different dynamic over four wheels versus two. However on the way up the first time, the low fuel light came on. Damn. Oatmeal doesn't fuel a car. I panicked and headed down, on the way down the arrow pumps back up over the empty line and the fuel light goes off. Sigh. I could have made it to first saddle. I drove to a gas station put gas in and headed up a second time. And all the while I had a chance on Saturday to fill the tank, but didn't take it thinking I had enough. Lesson Learned. The Hard Way.

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