Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Matt found this group playing music with guitars and drums on his ride last Wednesday April 4, 2012. This band liberated themselves from the confines of society and its volume restrictions. They enjoyed the great outdoors, Matt enjoyed the music. and residents who couldn't complain.
Bill did his three bottle test on Monday. He rode his Madone up GMR Monday morning to road test it with a 3rd water bottle attached. The 60 cm frame of the bike was just the right size to accommodate the mounting of a 3rd bottle cage using the Twofish Quick Cage Adaptor - see: http://adventurecycling.org/store/index.cfm/product/587/twofish-quick-cage-adaptor.cfm

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Hillbasher said...

Years back when friends and I would be going up Angeles Crest at least 3 to 4 times a month, we would occasionally pass a large dirt turnout about a mile above the Ranger Station where the Station fire started, and there would be these young guys doing the exact same thing. We figured their parents said "Sure you can have a band, as long as you don't practice here at the house", and they ended up in the mountains playing very loud Rock and Roll to their hearts content.