Saturday, August 24, 2013


Rather than racking up the miles to Baldy, today was riding and connecting with people. I needed the comfort of people. Dave and Mary on the tandem had music playing. Dave and Mary along with their friend Ron were good company on the push to the shed. Matt and Ron rode with us awhile before pushing on.  Mike and his coworker Dave were stopped at the shed. Bill joined me at the shed and we headed out for a couple more miles on GRR. Matt on his return trip from Peacock Saddle joined us to ride to the Experimental Forest Sign on GRR about Fork+2.5. The three of us stopped to look at Tanbark and enjoyed the view, when Rick and Greg rode up. They had stories of fish and bears and office moves.  On the way back, Ron rejoined on us on the downhill trip home. It was good to focus on others today.

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