Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Work - Ride Balance

Confession. I had pizza for lunch. It was an impromptu celebration of a colleague's coupon. The works on a thin crust. Very tastey indeed. Three slices. Plus a slice of apple pie and salad. It fueled my resolve to cycle.
Saw John's truck on the way up. A shout out to Heather and Joan flying downhill. Met Ariel (pronounce this like Aureal) on his second trip up the hill. Kept up with him for three quarters of a mile. Good incentive to kick it up a notch. Nice chat. Both agreed that GMR is a sweet ride in our own "backyard".
Hoped to see John so I pushed to mile marker 8.27. Ran out of time. Stopped at first saddle and met up with Dale and Ella. Awesome. They are riding 100 miles per week. Sweet. Dale asked me the 64,000 dollar question. "Are you keeping up your blog?" One word at a time.
Found a website: Fat to Fit at 44. Pretty inspiring.

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