Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Sweet Ride

The heat was on. Thermometer said 101F. The need for the endorphins registered higher. Matt and I rode up at a steady pace. We were joined early on by Joel. It was his first ride in six months and he soaked up the miles barely breaking a sweat. Good company. Lots of chatter to free the mind to pedal. The tempo with Joel and Matt was good, a bit of a challenge for me, yet doable.

My "new" bike performed nicely. Thank you Incycle! The annoying pedal squeak was gone. The shifting was fluid. The chain well lubed. As for the new ratios of the cassette, the "16" was not missed at all. I didn't need the 28, but tried it anyway for giggles. I will save it for the hard climbs. The others are same so no need to relearn or retrain the legs. Did I use the 11 on the downhill? I didn't notice. The wrists appreciated the plush Lizard handle bar tape. Good to get the heart beating.

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