Sunday, September 1, 2013

Baldy 3

I planned on hot with a searing sun. I was pleasantly surprised with a bit cooler and clouds. The gate was closed and the goal was to spend a glorious amount of time on the road. John was already on the road. Matt was behind riding with the George Vargas Group and a vendor's wife to Camp Williams. Bill was steadily putting on the miles. My expectations were to ride to Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 6 or so (aka Fork+6). 

I ran over a dead weed with stickers early on (Windy Tunnel). With a pair of cyclists chatting behind me, their "contact" spurred me on to keep ahead. They certainly had enough muscle to power by me at any time, it surprised me that they tagged along behind until the shed.

The two gates at the Fork were open, Tanya swung by me on her way to the Village. The cloud cover kept the temperature down. The clouds shrouded the top of Baldy.  At mile marker 8.3 I decided to go to the Village for the sweet coolness of Powerade. Saw John about mm 10.5. Stopped and chatted. I had committed to go the Village. Quick turn around in the Village. Drinks and pictures. Thermometer read mid 70s. 

Return trip. The gate was closed at GRR and Baldy Road. So tough start up the hill. The 28 gear in the cassette proved its worthiness. Plenty of rocks on the road from the rain. ANF Truck 25 blared past me. At mile marker 7, Gloria had a blow out. Her purple Time bicycle shows it all. She went down hard and the EMT (ANF) personnel were putting her on a back board. Blow outs were on my mind since the windy tunnel. I went down with a bit more caution and was happy the back tube had been replaced. The view was gorgeous. 

Greg was at Peacock Saddle (mm 4.5) fixing his flat. I stopped and chatted. He rode with me up the hard part of the hill to mm 4.0. Then took off. Around mm 1.46, an ambulance beeped at me. I stopped and saw Gloria's companion waving. I waved back. Must be headed to Foothill Presbyterian Hospital. The gates were closed at the Fork and the ambulance was no where to be seen. Stopped at Newmans for photos of clouds. Got to the first gate and talked to the ANF Truck 21 personnel who were waiting for an ambulance. I told them of the only one I had seen about 30-40 minutes ago.

I got back with 5 hours 59 minutes and 45 seconds on the clock. It was an interesting ride with a great view.

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