Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Night Ride

Pounding on the pedals brought waves of relief. I needed to loose myself in the rhythm of a high heart rate and the resulting flow of sweat. The achilles heel was complaining a bit, as the ankle has not quite diminished. Tonight, I expected a quiet ride on Glendora Mountain Road, solo to the first saddle.

To my surprise, I noticed John's truck and then the cyclist with a backpack. I raced on the flat to bridge the gap and then shouted for John. We rode up together from the ranger station. At the electronic sign, John asked if I noticed anything different. Doh! Wow! Awesome! John went to Incycle to buy socks on Labor Day, he phoned a friend to talk him out of buying a bike. They said do it. A Cannondale CAAD 10 bike newly purchased and ridden twice. Those are some fast socks you bought John.

We kept a brisk pace to the first saddle. Then proceeded on another mile and a half to 8.02. Stopping for a picture of the new bike, Suzie D. and Jason C. on his fixie stopped on their way down. John continued on to the shed with his power light. Suzie was off like a streak. Jason and I caught up on the way down. Gosh its been a long time.

A good bike ride is a sweet reward, tonight was doubly so as I connected with friends tonight.
Work at 8.9 ... Bill photoed these on his morning ride.

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