Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday 9/14 - Tour de Foothills

Left the house at 6:30 am to beat the heat. Saw John's truck and attempted to catch up with him. Never caught up with or saw John but the game of pursuit and pushing hard to the shed paid off with my best performance this year of 1:28 for the 11.5 miles. Sure, there are plenty of folks who are faster, but it does feel like the right direction for my own efforts. Any time spent at 8 mph or higher is cause for celebration. On the last climb to the shed, one cyclist passed me by. I picked up his cadence caught up with him told him I liked his speed then sailed on ahead with a two minute burst of 9-10 mph. Nice flurry to the line.

Matt, Wayne and Bill arrived at the shed. Dang. I didn't get Wayne's picture. Fun talk and procrastinating from chores.

Matt, Bill and I rode to fork plus four. Going early meant more shade. How did I ever make Baldy? Its nice to take time to look across the canyon, see Mt. Wilson and reflect on the miles covered. A second week in a row met up with Mark. Mark also rode early on Thursday morning. 13 riders on Thursday. We rode back to the shed together. Going uphill in the heat saps the soul. It was 92F at 10:30 am.

Returning to the shed, spent time with Mr. Beanz and Gina. Must thank Mr. Beanz for sweeping up the glass at the first saddle. It covered the entire lane. Eric also stopped by.

Watched the Tour de Foothills riders complete their KOM climb. A lot of Rock Racing jerseys in the top 25 riders. Downhill was a sweet reward in the heat.

Baldy at Fork Plus Four.

Mr. Beanz and Gina
Mr. Beanz in Action
A rare sighting.

Tour de Foothills Cyclist Ahead Sign
Mark at Fork+4 on 9/7

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Jason Castillo said...

I saw Mark the whole time I rode to Mt Baldy. I must have missed you. I was up GMR around 6:30.