Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Ride Photos

Derrick the youngest rider on the road today made it half way up.
We descended the mountain together.

Derrick's mentor, Doug.

Cheryl in fine form at the shed. Cool tape on her handle bars.

John eats cooked red potatoes to refuel while riding.
This gentleman rode from Oregon to New Hampshire in 50 days.

Cheryl's friends.

the view of Little Dalton Canyon. Enlarge to see GMR on the far hillside.

Bill and Doug discuss Titanium Salsa Vaya Bikes.

Bill checking the tires on his Salsa.
Heather at the shed. 

Matt at the Shed.

Heather and Matt at Glendora Ridge Road mile marker 4. After riding "north" GMR (a "yoyo") for a couple of miles.

Heather has sites on riding to the Village.

Fork Plus Four.

Water levels at the lowest in the San Gabriel Reservoir from Newman's point.

This cave is normally under water.

An additional white line above the water level shows the shrinkage in recent days.

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