Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Secret Training

The heat let up a bit down from its 112F high to the 90s. It felt refreshingly cool in comparison. Saturday the cloud cover in the morning decreased the need to sweat. I concentrated on the pull up of the pedal stroke and occasionaly surged ahead. A highway patrol officer on his motorcycle passed by, and then proceeded to look back three times. He didn't like the side by side riding. He stopped and chatted with the skateboarders at the first saddle recommending gravity bikes over the boards. Most of the time I was single file, however, I was riding one wheel beside another cyclist when the CHP passed me by and warned me about being ticketed. The adrenaline really pumped after that.

The merry cast were Bill and John, Heather, Joan and I. Ron and Matt. After meeting up at the shed. Joan, Heather, John and Bill headed down. Ron, Matt and I headed for Fork plus Four on GRR. Ron continued on another couple of miles. Got home in one piece.

Monday evening, Heather, Steve and I rode to the yellow box just beyond the first saddle and feed zone. Steve kept talking which was good mentally to think of horse races, county fairs, CPAs, kids getting jobs, Boy Scouts and camping.

Bicycling has been my steady friend, relief, and escape from the work world. I just need to use bug spray in the evenings.


Spowers said...

Love your site. I check it regularly and realize the heat has kept down the riding. I live about 300 miles north on the coast. Have only done GMR once about 2 years ago. It's been about 50 years since I first went up GMR. Almost got stuck in the snow in my VW in 1971 when I took my son up to watch the snow fall. Keep up the riding and writing. Love the pictures.

GMR said...

Thank you for the inspiration. It's been a crazy couple of weeks for me. The bike riding provided a bit of sanity amongst my chaos. Your comments have motivated me to get those photos published on the website. It's extremely gratifying to know someone wants more photos!