Monday, September 29, 2014

Three days - Three rides

Saturday - September 27th - Tour de Foothills riders were on the road pulling us by as if we were standing still. They zipped, zoomed and zoared up the hill. It was pleasantly cool on the way up. Clouds speckled the sky. I noticed I dropped off of Joan's and Heather's wheels when I began to think of work. Doh! I am suppose to leave that at the bottom of the hill. John caught up with us at the Top of Monroe. Heather and Joan brought jackets. I didn't get the memo. I chatted with John waiting for the sun to warm me up, TdF riders flock down the hill. Shane stopped by and talk of New York, hockey and maple syrup ensued.

I made a goal to exercise 30 minutes every day this week.

Sunday - September 28th - A drizzly start to the day, but it cleared up and Bill was ready to ride. Here was an opportunity to do a slow ride using those slow twitch muscles in the ham strings. A VW car club were staged at the Angeles National Forest Sign. There were 30 or so vehicles. We were up a mile or more before I heard the sirens of the US Forest Service truck. I rode and then put my foot down to allow the truck to go past. It became a game of how far could I go before the next emergency vehicle went by. The EVS - emergency vehicle sprint. The hook and ladders don't make the turns well so they take up the entire lane. In between the first responders the VW club drove past in a whir. I stopped for them as well. Fourteen stops. Seven by the first saddle. There was an over the side vehicle at mile marker 6.6. I came the conclusion that the drizzling clouds delayed the Sunday sweep by the helicopter. Bill egged me to ride to Newman's.

Monday - September 29th - After work. Joan and I rode up and I kept up with her in a satisfactory manner. Maybe she hung back to talk to me, I don't have enough air to do both biking and talking. I do think the slow ride was good for my performance Monday evening.

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