Saturday, April 4, 2015

Plan to ride at 7:30

The cool morning temperature quickly warmed up to a perfect April day. Heather, Bill and I started out for the ride up Glendora Mountain Road. We waited at Matt's while Bill went back and fetched his helmet. Heather stretched her back and calves as Matt chatted of weather and news of the road. As Bill returned I turned on my Polar bike computer for data feedback.

It felt early, starting at 7:30 am. The body not quite ready for the physical endurance, and the mind still blissfully asleep in bed. The legs reluctantly remembered how to move in circles. My center back pocket hosted a third water bottle.

Heather and I started chatting and our tempo started to open a gap between us and the menfolk. The talk helps distract the cognitive portions of the body so the climb felt easier beneath the wheels. As vehicles passed by, we single filed it. Catching up with the lead took an extra bit of effort. How easy to fall back and fall behind. Its a mental game. Fixie John with his new pink and grey bike turned around and rode with us.

Both MapMyRide and the Polar CS600 were taking measurements of our progress. Rarely did I hear the one mile announcements. The Polar had a good time to the first saddle, but then I remembered to add back in the five minutes of non-covered time. Doh.

After Newman's point, Matt and Mark caught up with us. Always nice to have new conversations.

The oasis of cut oranges, apples, bananas, snacks, water and Heed were hosted the All State Insurance agents. Marketing tasted oh so sweet.

Heather, Matt and I cycled on to the Experimental Forest on Glendora Ridge Road. Matt raced back for his errands while Heather and I rode on to the Point of No Return. Or Fork Plus Four.

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