Sunday, April 19, 2015

Saturday Ride

Kim and Mike trekked 60 miles to ride on Glendora Mountain Road on their way to Baldy Village. Kim zipped past us as Joan, Matt and I stopped by the Experimental Forest Sign on Glendora Ridge Road at mile marker 2.45. Matt and Joan headed back home, while I pursued my quest for miles and altitude. The Reward Climb challenged my determination as it always does. I would ride past Mike in his mini cooper stopped in the shade of the mountain. He would zoom to the next point then wait for Kim to ride by. As a veteran SAG Support, Mike knew the best turn outs. I was three minutes behind Kim. and Mike and I played a tag relay up the Reward Climb.
Last Sunday, Shane avoided the glass in the road on his second trip up past the ranger station on GMR.

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