Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Adventure

(Updated 4/12/2015 with photos). The ride time approached faster than the temperature. It was cooler than last week and the muscles said Really? A Ride now? Let's just sit and digest that delicious breakfast of oatbran, walnuts, apple and poached egg. Wait, did I just smell bacon simmering in someone else's kitchen? Joan set a fast cadence and held it constant. A brief photo opp of the SDSR Jerseys. And the ride was on. The spinning legs felt ok. Perhaps they had whined enough. Keeping up with Joan my number one goal. Mentally when my mind wandered and the legs slowed down, I picked it up a notch. Closing in on the small deltas before they became too big. Perhaps the lube on my cleaner chain helped keep resistance to a minimum. Time to the first saddle included the stop for the photo taking. No surprises there. The time to the shed was all right.

A quick stop at the shed. Joan raced home. and I enjoyed a leisurely pace along Glendora Ridge Road. The goal Fork plus Four or more.

A shout out to Mark, Rick, and Greg. They were headed down as I headed up. Decision time came as Fork plus Four loomed in front of me. I didn't pause. I wanted to descend to Peacock Saddle the only question was where should I turn around. It was determination to get to Fork plus six. Saw the k-rail blocking the turnout. Then it was a hunt for a spot of shade.

Found a bit of wall to help organize me for the descent when a smiling Ron stopped by.

A shout out to Donna and Doug. Good to see you. I thought the descent was a bit chilly and when I arrived at the climb from Peacock Saddle to mile marker 4. It was a perfect temperature. Warming me for the rest of the ride.

After the last climb to mile marker 7, shouted out to Shane who was headed up with Mike.

I was nearly off the mountain when I spied a cyclist, Robert visiting from DC who needed help with his rental bike. Are you ok? Well not really. It was the second flat of the ride with only one tube. I had a tube and tire pump. Steve also stopped by to help.

Quite the adventure. It was good to get home.

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