Saturday, January 29, 2011

Back to Back

Another great day for a ride in January. The DPW crew put in overtime hours on Saturday. Again clearing their stockpile area between the electronic sign and gate. I felt fortunate that there were fewer trucks that stayed within a mile radius. Once I was free and clear it was the normal traffic flow for the weekend. A tow truck carrying a crashed car down the mountain. An individual shoveling dirt from a berm along the second saddle to accommodate better seating for his reading. Imagine that.

Matt caught up with me at the shed. For back to back rides the legs felt relatively good. Glendora Ridge Road provided beautiful vistas. Rode to Fork plus Four. Translated this is four miles into Glendora Ridge Road. The photo is from GRR about 2.2 miles.

The flowers at mile marker 10.35 on Glendora Mountain Road for Kevin Unck have faded. However, his sad tale has not permeated the GMR biking world. At that exact spot today another cyclist took the curve too fast and skidded out. The Sho-Air rider had numerous abrasions or road rash where his layer of skin remained in the pavement. Fortunately for him there was no opposing traffic when he lost control. He headed off to his car to drive to the hospital.

I enjoyed a slow ride down and great vistas. Ride Safe.

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