Monday, January 17, 2011

Freedom Ride

A four day weekend with temperatures in the 80s. Lot's of sun, lot's of sky, and three days of road fun. Friday. First to melt was my shivering memories of last weekend's ride in the upper 40s. The sun shone down and base layers were shed by the turnout after the first real climb (the ramp). The traffic quiet and calm. John and I road to the top of Monroe, paying homage to the shrine for Kevin Unck at mile marker 10.35.

We hooked up again on Sunday with alot more company on the road. Dodged vehicles up to the shed. Where we met and chatted with Daniel on life and work. Near the ranger station met Kelly from Claremont who needed the use of my Crank Brothers mega tool. The allen wrench to tighten his water bottle cage. I haven't seen Daniel or Kelly in months. Happy New Year guys. Convinced John to have lunch with Bill and myself at the Village Eatery. Breakfast served all day on Sunday. Mine was very good.

Monday was warm and I debated about hiking. With the 80+F I figured the reptiles would be out and about and thought that biking offered the best opportunity of avoiding snakes. I hit the road solo amazed at how light the traffic was between Sunday and Monday. At the top of Monroe, I met Robert and Steve from Pasadena. Their tales of riding to the Mt Baldy Ski lifts and commuting to work on bicycles where amazing. Waved to Tinker Juarez as he flew by. Robert and Steve were off to chase him down.

Robert and Steve of Pasadena.

John and the Trek Portland bike.

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