Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting Back into Gear

The dark of winter stole the power and speed my summer legs had. Replaced with the quiet acceptance of winter, creaky and cold, enjoy the pace and just ride. It beats being behind a desk and splendor of the woods, river and air calm the spirit. The hardiest of the riders were out on Saturday morning. The road had many areas of dry compact soil on the asphalt. The equipment that cleaned the hill side slippage left its own residue between mile markers 14 and 9.49. Still I was surprised by the folks who got their ride completed as I just start out. Then there were the fewer still who were out riding in shorts I hope you come from Alaska like the guy Dan I met a week ago. I had four layers on going downhill. Two base layers, jersey and jacket. My fingers got cold, my toes were fine.

The Saturday prior, I took the family out on New Year's Day along the San Gabriel River Trail. We had a leisurely ride down to the dam. The river was bursting forth with water. I petted a gopher snake at the Center. Easy pedaling. Steve, Michelle and Tom.

New Year's Day was stellar and not too bad. I am ready for the sun to come back.

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Mr. Beanz said...

"The dark of winter stole the power and speed my summer legs had".

I know what you mean. I was up there last week and my legs would not turn. I almost died. It's like I'm in survival mode now, if even that haha!