Friday, January 28, 2011

Shovel Dirt

A perfectly warm day, open road and time to go as far as I wanted. I sucked diesel fumes up the entire mountain. I didn't get the notice. The Department of Public Works had ten or more commercial sized dump trucks on the road hauling dirt up the mountain. Near the bottom gate the bulldozer scooped up dirt from the stockpile and loaded the trucks. I spoke to one individual designated as traffic controller. He said the retention area was full. In order to prepare for the next major storm that will be rolling in soon, they were moving the dirt up the mountain creating berms and other stockpiles to clear up their storage area. Go figure.

DPW was in it for the long haul. The trucks ferried their cargo past the shed and down Glendora Mountain Road towards East Fork. I veered to the right and enjoyed the warm tranquility on Glendora Ridge Road. The view from GRR was beautiful. Three hawks were drifting on the wind. I stopped at three-quarters of a mile in and enjoyed the view.

Road to GRR mile marker 2.12 near hunters hang out. I wanted to save some legs for tomorrow. Along the route I met Jim who rides GMR on Fridays. Good intervals Jim.


Mr. Beanz said...

Bummer! Been up there with the dump trucks.:(

Bicycle Friends said...

Maybe I will see you on Saturday. Its been a while and I hope to head to Baldy.