Saturday, March 12, 2011

GMR to the Shed 03.12.2011

Some days were harder to predict the weather conditions than others. The stats on Glendora Weather showed the temperatures bouncing from the coldest day of 55.8F on March 7th to the warmest day of 72.6F on March 10th. A roller coaster of highs and lows. The moist low cloud cover quickly blanketed the valley and rolled up over the hills. A silent tsunami of water vapor shiveringly cool. Deceptive to how long it would last and if the sun would break through at 3000 feet. Hard decisions were made whether I would be burning alive if I dressed for winter, or freezing extremities if I dressed for spring sun. Solution: Light base layers. Warmer outer layers. Brought warmth. Could remove pieces if I over heated. was out en mass today. After last week's Fargo Street challenge. William the winner at 62 or 67 ascents, Ken at second place and Jess at third place with 55 ascents. Darn good climbing.

Rosalee caught me and I kept up with her for a couple of miles. It was good to have her push me into a higher cadence, a higher pace for the time trial. Fortunately for me it was her third day in a row, on her heavier bike with a trailer rack bursting with goodies. From the bottom of Monroe to the windy tunnel about 2.5 miles she energized my ride.

Met Erick near Newman's. Riding strong for his first month back to cycling. He had a couple of friends in tow. I chatted with them for mere moments. Spent from the initial push with Rosalee. Always good to discover its a small world when its one way up on the road.

Single speed Ron coming back from his bone spur incident, We had much to bond over. Soles, stretching and the lack of training. He commiserated greatly about not riding over the holidays. There is exercise after plantar fasciitis.

Joe and Mel

Met Bill, Joe and Mel at the shed just as I headed down. Always nice to meet readership. Joe and Eric hitched up for the L'tape du Tour on May 7th.

Still foggy on the bone chilling descent. I could have brought the toe cover


Hillbasher said...

Was up the day before you. While waiting for a friend to drive up and meet me at the top, I talked to 2 guys that came up behind me. Don't remember their names but I do remember their bikes. One a Cevelo, and one a Litespeed. Even though it was warm while I was on top, by the time I headed down,(4:30PM)I dressed up with what I had brought along. The descent was cool enough that I was glad I brought what I did.

Bicycle Friends said...

GMR, Its been too long since we've ridden together.