Sunday, March 27, 2011

SDSR in review

It has been an epic three days for the riders and the volunteers of the SCVelo San Dimas Stage Race. Todays race course looped around Old Town San Dimas for a fast paced criterium. An outdoor track delinated with fencing, course marshals, and start/finish line. Plenty of opportunities to see the riders pass by multiple times. The early morning rain left a slick road for the first groups of Juniors and Category V men. The Juniors a bit too eager to set a furious pace set out a tempo which proved costly in the first crash of the day in the first lap of their rounds. So many tales of battles within the group to find one's spot in a rolling microcasm of the world on wheels.

Its not a bicycle race unless the riders come close enough to run over your toes. Check this as complete for SDSR 2011. Hearing the roar of the peoloton of cyclists passing by at great speeds. Check. Jumping into residental shrubs and lawns to avoid peloton-human crashes. Again completed. Dust flying up in your eyes as they pedal furiously up the road. Yes, completed. The force of a micro breeze strong enough to sway your body from the speeding velos. Check, completed. Exhausted after three days of walking, standing, sitting, photographing, writing, talking, photographing (yes, can't stress it enough). Completed.

Lots of photos. Send me an email. Better yet, send an email to Bill Media Coordinator of the San Dimas Stage Race to request a photo. Include your Name, Last Name, bib number and describe the colors of your kit.

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