Tuesday, March 29, 2011

San Dimas Stage Race 2011 Photos

Here were two heros out of hundreds of riders I captured riding up GMR during the 2011 San Dimas Stage Race. Michael and Ryan launched in that early 9 am hour. The Category 5 men had the worst conditions of the day. Rain streamed down in their faces, hitting the road then splashed back up by their wheels as they pushed hard up the hill. I sat in my red poncho sitting on a small tripod of a seat with my camera encased in its own rain hoodie.

Everyone was happy when the rain stopped and the sun warmed up and dried off the road. Doug had better weather conditions. I treasured the comments of all the riders who said thank you as I cheered and captured their moment on the hill.

Bill and I took over 5,000 photos. Request a photo from Bill by sending him your name, bib number and color of your racing kit. It's free. More than likely we caught you on one or more days of the race. More to come.

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