Sunday, March 27, 2011

Highway 39 to Crystal Lake

News from Steve P. indicates that Highway 39 is finally open to Crystal Lake! Opening Hwy 39 has been a long overdue event that folks should know about. Steve shares

I’m a fan of GMR and your blog and wanted to let you know the gate at the top of the 39 is now open. Supposedly it’s been open for a couple days and you can take it all the way to Crystal Lake. At Crystal Lake there is a little café where we stopped to warm up with hot coco and chili. We talked to the owner about the café which was built in 1932. Inside the café there’s a lot of newspaper articles from the 1950’s about Crystal Lake, kind of like going back in time. Also, the owner said the gate had been closed about 9 years.

I’ve attached 2 pictures. The first is of our motorcycles pretty much at the top of the 39. The second is of a map to Crystal Lake, which was part of an article framed in the café.

Thanks Steve for the big tip! I and many others appreciate the info!

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