Saturday, April 23, 2011

Good Friday 4/22/2011

The weather was completely different from last Saturday's near perfect summer like conditions. The marine layer 3000 feet thick lasted from morning to night. It dampened the spirits and chilled the soul on the descents. Clouds that hugged the mountain, rolled up and over the edges indicating active wind movement and moisture. Big plans to ride to Baldy evaporated into a thick ether. The clouds parted for the moment enough to get some ok photos.

For a Friday ride I saw different set of folks out on the road. A few more pedestrians with dogs. A few more cyclists than a regular Friday and the surprise of friends who had a holiday. The most notable auto traffic was the bee truck hauling the fork lift down the mountain. It smelt nasty like tar or brake oil. Didn't see the bee hives. But did hear the bees.

Matt caught up with me at the shed. We chatted about Ray Clone spotting a bobcat at the top of Monroe, Hillbasher spending a night on the mountain, Jason hanging with the Buds Ride around Bonelli. Spoke to Willis Osborne a former Glendora School teacher and Southern California Biologist at the second saddle. He had tales of a mountain named after a waitress Nellie Hawkins, adventure seekers rock climbing Half Dome with no ropes or other assists and the delicious breakfast at Flappy Jack's a local early morning eatery on Route 66.

Stopped at Newman's and at first saddles to warm up and for photos. Spoke to John near coyote corner. He recommended stretching the ham strings and glutes to help eliminate back pain. When I got around to stretching yesterday, I had to admit that it also helped the knee pain as well. Great tip.

Now to do a second day in a row.


Bicycle Friends said...

So did you ride today?

GMR said...

Yes, I rode on Saturday. However it was cold and foggy so I didn't go far. Second day in a row. Met a mixed pair on a tandem who had done Ride Across America (RAAM).