Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wednesday Relief

Some days you need the mountain to pound out the work life, hammering out the crowded jumbled thoughts that swirl like dust storms in your head. You sweat out the missteps and gasp huffing out the misgivings of the unknown futures. You grind through the gears to leave bad thoughts laying limply along the side of the road. Then pump round and round like a marionette on a string until the stress drips out your pores and falls off the body.

It is the stress of biking, the uphill battle of the slope, the chirpy cute wilderness, the release of sweet, sweet endorphines cascading from the brain to swirl round the chest and provide relief from pains real and imagined. Then the brief moment of awe to see the view of the reservoir brimming with sparkling water.

Sunday I noticed the bees are back from their winter hibernation.

Matt hooked up and rode with Wayne to mile marker 7. Amazing how much and how many people they have in common. It's a small world and there are only two directions on the road. Up and Down. Tonight was an up.

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Bicycle Friends said...

Great opening lines. Riding is therapeutic. It helps "reset" us for the coming days, work week, etc.