Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spine tingling ride

Saturday April 9, 2011. I waited for the temperature to warm up to 45F. It was close enough at 9 am. Time to suck it up, bundle up the extra layers, and get out the door. The thermometer on the bike must be going as it read 61F off and on through the day. No way it was that warm. Hmmm, time for a new battery?

As I rode up Glendora Mountain Road, I hung onto a group of three riders two which were ladies. Nice to have the women folk around. No chatting. Just pedalling. It was intense riding. I stopped at Newmans to take photos. I could see more of the mountain tops today compared to Friday. Baldy elusive even today had fresh overnight snow.

I was surprised to see Matt, as he prefers warmer weather. Must be the new bike. He enjoyed playing tag with other riders on the road.

Mike stopped at Newman's on his way down. He needed to warm up his fingers for the descent. He had the scoop on the Bicycle Fit at Richard fresh from a week long training will spend three hours going through your bike alignment starting with your arches. Yes, yes, yes. I am ready to go.

The news of the day was snow at the shed and the top of monroe and its April! I had felt the snow in the air, now here it was on the ground. Is it spring yet?

Hung out at shed and watched a parade of tri-wheeled motorcycles go by. This group of 20-30 folks enjoyed the day breezing along.

The descent was cold. I had four layers on. Two base layers, a kit and a jacket. A beanie for the head. Two layers of gloves. Two layers of legs. That's preparation. Next week I will be sweating in the heat.

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Bicycle Friends said...

Cold, cold, cold. Four layers, what is it winter?