Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday with Jason

Jason and I hooked up and rode up GMR. His legs were strong from doing "Insanity" training. Perfect temperature to begin at 71F. Jason lowered his tempo which turned out to be spot on for me tonight. I know he can lay the hammer down at anytime and pump his way up the road.

We both oogled Matt's new Canondale Super Six High Mod bike with Dure Ace components and white walled tires. Nice bike Matt. Matt rode with us until mile marker 10.2 and then headed back down. Jason and I finished up at Newman's Point, just as sun was setting. It was 6:45 pm and I wanted some sunlight on the descent. It was getting cool. Jason with no jacket, ear muffs or toe cozies kept his legs spinning for warmth.

Saw a motorcycle parked along the road with damage to its front fender. Ray was not having a good day. No cell phone reception, however a truck driver helped out and took the pieces of the bike while Ray was planning on coasting down to first saddle to try his cell phone again.

Good luck Ray. Bummer about the bike. At least you are in good shape.

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Bicycle Friends said...

I had a great time and I won't leave home without, at least, a windbreaker. It was sooooo cold.