Saturday, October 8, 2011


Toe chilling to start the temperature was 52F. But as soon as you round the first hair pin turn and start the real climb the sun streams down on you warm and intense. Connecting with friends today along the way. Friends rendezvoused at the shed. Matt. Eric. Bill. Hadn't seen Eric in ages. Eric and I were recovering from other non-cycling exercising. New muscles were screaming at us. Eric headed for Baldy. Bill headed down. Matt and I went a little farther. Chatted with Rick at Fork plus one. Needed to scoop on Greg. Kids. Work. Kids finding jobs. Steve Jobs and Al Davis passing. Made it to the Experimental Forest Sign.

On the way down at second saddle. Caught sight of Gina. Then Mr. Beanz and Hillbasher. It was a film fest. Except my data was lost in digital translation. No photos. No videos. Nada. Nothing. Nil. Zip.

Hillbasher asked why I rarely reference Peacock Saddle with is Fork Plus 4.5 miles. Truth be it, I rarely stop in the valley. The peak at Fork Plus Four is called the "Point of No Return". I have to be in the mood for that climb back up to mile marker 4.0 on Glendora Ridge Road. It is a tough son of a gun.

Bill had great karma with his camera. This picture is his from today.

Evidence that I took pictures. Care of Mr. Beanz Productions:

From Hillbasher! Two out of three cameras worked. Matt, Beanz, GMR


Mr. Beanz said...

You lost your info on he filmfest?? Ay yay yay!.....He he he, Always good to see you. I did get a quick hello off to Bill while he flew down the mountain ;-)

Mr. Beanz said...

Ha ha ha! Evidence! Would have been a nice picture from what I saw on the camera!;-)

D.M. SOLIS said...

Great post. Sorry about your digital loss. Hope you'll tell sometime about what makes you do get out there and your reflections on the way; critter encounters; strategies for the challenging sections; how things have changed in general on trails, either about the people you meet out there or the sport or the trails themselves, and how they've remained the same.

Peace and all good things for you in cycling and in life.


GMR said...


I want to give your request some time to percolate. Good ideas. How often do you ride GMR?

-- GMR