Monday, October 24, 2011

Last A** Up the Pass 10/24/2011

Monday night on Glendora Mountain Road. Fewer folks than last Tuesday night. The crickets chirped louder than before. It was a last minute decision to ride. I'm leaving work early. Nope I'm not. Yes, I got home with about an hour of day light. All Systems are a go. Launched. Legs felt good. Race to the Sun. Saw one other cyclist at the electronic sign already heading home.

The hunters get my appreciation tonight. At the first saddle there was a dark image sitting on the wall. It was Diego in camouflage and dark face paint. He asked if I had a flat. Nope just throwing on knee warmers and jacket before the descent. I chatted with him and he had praise for Matthew. He's a great guy. I chuckled. If you took a poll of the people - hunters, cyclists, motorcyclists, runners, etc. on GMR 85-92% know Matt.

That was only the first positive. The second positive was a Suburban pulled up and two hunters asked if I was ok. I appreciated their concern with the dark enshrouding the road quickly.

Me, I appreciated having a disk in my camera.

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Mr. Beanz said...

Nice thing about GMR, most people up there are willing to offer help even though one may think they are totally alone. ;-)