Friday, October 7, 2011


Riding home in the dark of the evening on Thursday the street illuminated in the beam of my head lamp. The road conditions on GMR were dry after the Wednesday deluge of 1.5 inches of rain. Only one sandy area that blanketed both lanes occurred at the Colby hair pin. Traffic was mostly light however more parked cars along the turnouts. Couples enjoying the cloak of evening perhaps.

The symmetry of the evening was balanced with the early morning exercise in the predawn darkness of 5 am. I saw more wildlife in the city than I did the forest. In the morning I had turned onto Cullen avenue heading north, when an undulating critter stopped mid way in the road. Alert and aware of my oncoming progress. It turned to gauge my approach. A squirrel perhaps, no. it was bigger than a squirrel, a possum perhaps, no its long flowing tail with luxurious hair worthy of petting. I moved forward with the thought my presence would encourage it to skitter into the shelter of bushes. NO! Identification occurred and I high tailed it southward in the opposite direction. Skunk! I circled the block and was ready to try a northern route once more. As I turned the corner another critter larger than before, longer leaner legs, interested in the comings and goings, alert and hungry looking for smaller animals that moved. A coyote! Once again, I turned southward and looped back to my house in the clock of early morning dark. Bike or foot the road was dark.

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Hillbasher said...

Beanz and I rode up to the shack Thursday morning a little after 11 AM. I had worked all night, so I was going at the usual snails pace I ride at, but Beanz was on his Cannondale and having a hard time going slow enough for me to keep him in sight. It was nice and warm on the way up, too warm for the way I was dressed, but after spending an hour on top shooting the breeze with Beanz, it clouded up and cooled way down, so much that it was COLD on the way down. Felt more like late November than early October. All in all, a nice day as always.