Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday on GMR/GRR 10/15/2011

The Mount Baldy Lodge Store saves souls every day with delicious refreshing, thirst quenching, ice chilled drinks and munchables. Spencer and Graham this one is for you!

Strong ride to Baldy Saturday. The mountains were clear while the valley remained under a marine layer. The temperature mildly warm starting in the 60s warming to the 80s. Not overly hot. Provisioned two water bottles plus one more with Heed. Started at 7:30 am and left Bill around the Dalton Hot Shots Forest Ranger Station. It was a solo ride to the shed with a few folks passing me by on the way up. In the no man's land between first saddle and Newman's Point, one rider inspired the legs to kick it up a notch. During the last ascent to the shed that 8% climb of a few hundred feet another rider went by and I hung on, I should have passed, but didn't want to burn that match quite yet. Plenty of miles to go. It was a lively pace to end the first leg of the trip. I wanted a quick break. Eat a bar, slurp up some water. Watch a few arrivees. Just as I wanted to leave, I was asked to take a picture with a cell phone. I acquiesced. The fellow was happy. Matt showed up needing a break to catch his breath.

The shed represents ~25% of the journey or 10 miles out of 46. The next twelve miles on Glendora Ridge Road are four miles of rolling hills with four "peaks" the fourth peak being the point of no return. A steep descent to Peacock Saddle and then the start of 3.3 miles of the Reward Climb, with the next three miles of the alpine section of rolling ascents. The final mile is a steep descent into the village. Remember what goes up must go down. Easy to descend, Killer to climb back up. I made a record time from garage door to the Baldy Stop Sign of 3 hours 14 minutes. I had motivators on the GRR section. One hunter's Dodge RAM 2500 had a nasty smell to its exhaust, and it was meandering up the road, stopping multiple times. I wanted to be ahead of that tank as much as possible. I rode as fast I as could. The GRR leg was 1:25 for 12 miles at altitude. In the Alpine section taking pictures of the autumn colors Rick caught us and rode with us to the Village.

I bought a deliciously cold Red Powerade at the Mt Baldy Lodge Store and peanuts. Spencer and Graham cajoled me about not featuring the store on my blog. I snapped their picture in front of the store. Filled one water bottle at the Post Office. Headed back. Time in the Village 28 minutes. Reverse the course took just under 2 hours. Rick parted company in the alpine section. Matt raced home after the climb back up to the point of no return. Total time was 5:40. Total Distance 46.1 miles. Ascent 5200 feet. Saw a few folks in passing Shawn of broccoli fame, Jason of Everest Challenge, and Group Beanz. I was on the clock to get done. Last week was a week for chatting. This Saturday was a day for riding.

Strong Ride to Baldy. Even though I had a flu shot. Tightening the core muscles helps with the knee.

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Hillbasher said...

Decided on a hike instead of a ride this Saturday (10-15-11). Left Cow Canyon Saddle at 4:45 PM and hit the top of Sunset Peak one hour and twenty-four minutes later. The three of us spent the night enjoying the views of the basin and of Mt. Baldy lit up by an almost full moon. Nice and warm durring the night with no winds at all. Got up before sunrise to take some pictures and was not disappointed. Had breakfast at Baldy Lodge that tasted great. All in all, another great time spent in the mountains.